Walnut Carrier Oil by Ayra Skin Care, 100% Pure, 118-ml (4-fl.oz)
Walnut oil
April 11, 2018
Black Seed Carrier Oil by Ayra Skin Care, 100% Pure, 118-ml (4-fl.oz)
Black Seed Oil
April 11, 2018

Grapeseed Oil


Grapeseed carrier oil is non-comedogenic and comes with numerous benefits that make it an exciting base for many types of beauty treatments. This oil is a rich source of vitamin E. For the skin, this oil cleanses, tones, and protects all while resolving dry skin and fighting off aging signs. It makes the hair softer and smoother while helping it to grow. The seed of a grape is its most nutrient-rich part, but it’s often thrown away. Using the oil of the seed captures benefits that might otherwise have been missed. The power of grape seed oil makes it a great product on its own. When this oil is used as a carrier, the benefits and the results can be multiplied.

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Discover What Grapeseed Carrier Oil Can Do for Beauty

Grapeseed carrier oil continues to be highly regarded and sought after due to its rich nutrient content. Grapes are known to be antioxidant superstars, winning against the free radicals that cause a number of health problems. Those proven benefits carry over to the oil, which is rich in vitamin E.  A lot of people use this oil in cooking because of its nutritional benefits, but it’s also excellent when used topically. For many gorgeous people, grapeseed oil is their top go-to beauty secret.


Grape Seed Oil Nutrients – Treasures Within

The seed is the most nutrient-rich part of the grape. It follows that grape seed oil would offer some impressive beauty-boosting benefits. The most abundant nutrients in this oil are vitamin E, omega-3, and omega-6. These not only boost skin health but ward off aging. One of the most remarkable aspects of grape seed oil is its ability to cleanse even oily skin. It can be used alone, as a carrier, or with a carrier to produce the glowing, healthy skin of your dreams.


The Possibilities are Endless

It cleans, tones, and is anti-aging. Grapeseed oil is for all skin types. It heals dry skin and is great for hair care, helping them grow and be soft. This versatile, healthy oil is an excellent essential for any beauty chest.

Grapeseed Carrier Oil by Ayra Skin Care is 100% pure with no additives or fillers. While allergic reactions are rare, people recommend to have a patch test before using any product. Store Grapeseed Oil in a cool dark place (Refrigerate after opening) and enjoy it for up to 12 months.