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Ayra Skin Care is very heedful of the daily use of its skin and hair care items. Every individual has a different body which reacts differently to different ingredients such as plant’s, flower’s or nut’s extracts present in the products. Therefore, to become aware of the adverse reactions or mishaps (if any) that may occur, it’s very important to test a small quantity of any skin care product on limited areas of your body before using it frequently. However, if any unlikely situation occurs, remove the product immediately with warm water and soap i.e. soluble substances. If such adverse reactions continue for a longer period of time then immediately seek advice from a trained healthcare practitioner. Keep out of the reach of children. Great care must be taken while using essential oils on people who are very sensitive to change in ingredients or environment.Essential oils should be kept away from eyes, ears, nose and the sensitive areas like urogenital area. According to most aroma therapists, these essential oils are only for external use and can be used for internal use only if directed or overseen by good licensed dermatologist. If you accidentally consume any of the essential oils, consult medical professionals immediately. For safety precautions, it’s vital to be aware of any essential oil or product before use as each product is made up of constituent elements that may or may not be suitable to one’s skin.
Ayra Skin Care is not responsible for the use and misuse of the information provided on its website. Every individual is solely responsible for his decisions of using skin and hair care items on his body. He is also responsible to comply with all the laws of proper use of information including copyrights. The information on Ayra Skin Care is available for educational or reference purposes only. Therefore, do not use this information for remedy, prevention or cure of any disease. People with health issues must consider the advice of health professionals. The information provided on the website is based upon the reliable sources and is the result of wider understanding of the products by trained individuals and medical professionals, however, this should not be taken as a complete representation of all the things.
Online Privacy Policy:
Ayra Skin Care is very careful when it comes to the privacy of our customers. The information provided online at the time of order will be used for the process of order only. It will not be sold or leased to any third party. However, your personal information including address and contact number will be shared to the courier services with your consent for delivery purposes.
By using our website, you signify the adherence to the policy and terms and conditions mentioned on the website.