Learn more about some of the most proven benefits of essential oils for your skin and overall wellness. Ayra Skin care is proud to blend only the purest products from some of the most renowned and supernatural botanical essential oils. These essential oils combined, leave your skin fresh and beautiful as always.

Rosemary essential oil is unique

Rosemary is a herb, belonging to the mint family, found in Asia and the Mediterranean. It has a unique fragrance and flavor that all the plants in the mint family have. Rosemary is an ornamental plant that is used in the kitchen for cooking and preparing meals. The rosemary essential oil is made from this herb and it has countless properties. Some of the properties are; it is antifungal, antibacterial among many more.

What are main benefits of rosemary essential oil?

It is anti-inflammatory

This oil helps to ease pain and swelling because it contains caffeic acid. The skin is the largest organ in the body and when any part of the body is in pain, the skin is affected too. Using rosemary oil to reduce inflammation, will make sure that your skin is functioning at its best.

It increases blood circulation

When your blood movement is at its best, your body will always feel fresher and more energized. The carnosol and beutilinic acid help in reducing stress which causes your skin to look lifeless. Applying the rosemary essential oil on your skin will improve blood circulation and your skin will look beautiful.

Reduces aging and acne

Everyone desires to grow old with the skin of a youth. This is quite possible if you use rosemary oil. It tightens the skin thus reducing wrinkles. It also repairs the skin and fights for it from sun damage. Mosquitos cause some acne and the oil repels them away.

These are not the only benefits you will get from using the rosemary essential oil. It enhances hair health, detoxifies the liver, prevents STDs and boosts oral health. This is a worthy purchase. You should consider buying the rosemary essential oil the next time you go to the shops or supermarkets.

Frankincense essential oil is the best

The resin of the Boswellia sacra, an Indian native tree, is what is used to make Frankincense oil. This tree can grow in little soil and dry conditions that is why it is not a wonder to find it in Somalia. The main property of extracts from this tree is being an anti-inflammatory.

Benefits of frankincense essential oil

Reduces pain and inflammation

It prevents breakdown of cartilage tissues, hence reducing inflammation and pain in joints and muscles. You can add a drop of frankincense oil to steamed water and place a towel that is soaked in the mixture on your body part that is aching.


It contains the property astringent that kills harmful bacteria and germs. The astringent protects the skin, which reduces acne, blemishes and heals wounds.

Anti aging and stress- relieving

Using the frankincense oil in your bath soak is good as it reduces anxiety making your skin moisturized and appealing. It reduces the effects associated with aging. The more stress free you are, the young you look.

To get the best results, make sure you buy the Frankincense essential oil and not the synthetically scented one. In old French, the word Frankincense means quality incense. They say old is gold and I assure you Frankincense oil is the best. Always go for quality and not quantity. Frankincense essential oil has quality.

Why you should use lemon essential oil

Lemon fruit is the main ingredient for making Lemon essential oil. Lemon oil contains a chemical compound called limonene that gives it the sweet-sour taste. Lemon belongs to the citrus family and it has double vitamin C, more than the other fruits in this family. Lemon oil is not only useful as a food additive but also as a cosmetic like hair cleanser, perfumes and soaps. The basic use of this oil is as a skin care product. It has properties like being an antiseptic, a sedative, a detoxifier and a laxative among many others.

Skin benefits of lemon essential oil

Best for oily skin

Lemon oil has astringent a property that helps reduce the production of excess sebum. Sebum is what causes the skin to be oily or in other words sebum is the oil that our body produces naturally. Lemon oil tightens the skin pores and due to their size reduction, the oiliness of the skin decreases.

It lightens the skin

The citric acid in the lemons, used to make the oil, have an antiseptic and an anti-inflammatory properties that help in melanin production that is why it is used as a hyper-pigmentation agent. The production of new skin cells helps the skin to have a light complexion.

It is an anti-aging agent

This oil has Vitamin C that gives one a clear skin. Lemon oil increases the circulation of blood, and this way, boosting collagen production. Using the lemon oil will help your skin glow and not look dull and pale.

More benefits

Other benefits include; acne treatment, as an insect repellent and reducing skin cellulite.

The best lemon essential oil is the organic one since it has all the essential properties. Nothing works best for the skin like lemon essential oil. It is advisable to purchase it.

Lavender essential oil the number one skin remedy

Lavender essential oil has been a household essential oil for many years. The oil is unique with never-ending qualities such as soothing, nerve relaxation and aroma. The production involves suppression of lavender leaves through the steaming process. In 2011, Bulgaria was the leading producer of Lavender essential oil in the world. The oil is at its high production limit around June the time for harvest. Lavender (Lavare) oil has been on use for both religious and medicinal practices for more than 2500 years in Rome and Egypt.
Here are some of the amazing benefits of lavender essential oil:

The antifungal/antibacterial qualities of lavender oil

The oil helps in fighting skin rashes and infections. Study shows that lavender essential oil has the power to fight fungal infections such as Candida (C. albicans strains). The oil limits or hinders the spread of infections on your skin.

Lavender oil soothes and heals the skin

If you are suffering from Psoriasis or Eczema, do not worry because lavender oil is able to reduce itching associated with Psoriasis. When used with lemon, it helps to manage Eczema.

Lavender oil has anti-inflammatory quality, which lights up your skin The oil helps in managing your skin texture by clearing blackheads, scars, redness and toning the skin. Lavender oil reduces excessive oils on your skin when used regularly.

Lavender essential oil is by far the most used essential oil for a healthy skin. The oil has many user compelling qualities such as soothing, antiseptic, anti inflammatory and cleansing effects. Our ultimate combination of Lavender, Lemon and Tea Tree with some other ingredients helps removes scars, cleanses deep down your skin, evens skin tone and removes any signs of acne.

Your skin remains refreshed with Ylang Ylang essential oil

Ylang ylang essential oil is realized through extraction of ylang ylang tree fresh flowers scientifically known as Cananga Odorata. Ylang ylang tree is found in the following countries/regions: Comoro, Polynesia, Sumatra, Java, Indonesia and Philippines. The oil is known for its healing properties. The oil blends well with several oils. Some of these oils include Lavender, Geranium, Vetiver and Bergamot.
Amazing benefits of Ylang ylang oil to your skin

Ylang ylang oil sooths your skin

Use Ylang ylang essential oil to manage body rashes, irritations, redness and dry skin. The oil has both antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities, therefore it is able to fight and prevent skin infections. This makes the oil good for curing acne and wounds. Mix the oil with witch hazel oil for better results.

Moisturizes and nourishes your skin

Bath daily with Ylang ylang oil for nourished, moisturized and smooth skin. Use the oil with citrus to enjoy the amazing skin calmness. Add a maximum of two tablespoon of the blend to warm water and take your bath.

With Ylang ylang oil, boils and skin infections are no more!

The oil can treat and eradicate boils with a lot of success. Mix the oil with sea salt and Tea tree oil for maximum effectiveness. Add the mixture in warm water and use a small towel to apply.

The oil is a toner

For your oily skin, use the oil to get rid of excessive oils. Ylang ylang oil leaves your skin pure and smooth.

Enjoy the amazing benefits of Ylang ylang oil. Say no to skin irritations, inflammations, itchiness and rashes by using Ylang ylang oil. Make it part of your budget today.

The secrets you never knew about Tea tree essential oil

Tea tree essential oil comes from Tea tree plant (melaleuca alterniforlia) leaves. Australia and New Zealand are the places where you can find these plants. The Tea tree or melaleuca oil has many healing properties. For treatment of dandruff, insect bites, acne and several skin infections. The oil has been in use for over 100 years. The oil usage is high in Spas.
Here are the benefits of Tea tree oil to your skin

Used for healing cuts and skin infections

Are you stressing yourself on how to get rid of skin infections and cuts? Stop worrying Tea tree will take care of your worries. A combination Tea tree and lavender oils is all you need to take care of your situation.

Keeps warts and boils under control

Tea tree is able to cure resistant infections easily. Boils and warts will sometimes keep on recurring even after taking antibiotics. A mixer of tea tree and Almond oils will do the magic. Apply it repeatedly within a day. The antimicrobial quality (terpinen-4) hinders growth of warts and dries them.

It has the soothing effect to chicken pox and other Itching ailments

The oil minimizes the itching that comes with chicken pox. Use it regularly with other oils for better results.

Used to treat Psoriasis

With the presence of antifungal and antibacterial qualities, acne and psoriasis will no longer be a threat to your skin. A small amount penetrates the skin and dries most of the infections. The effect of psoriasis is greatly reduced.

Experience the antifungal and the anti viral benefits of Tea tree essential oil. You have tried many essential oils without success, worry not Tea tree oil will not let you down. Buy the essential oil today.

Jojoba essential oil, the all solution skin therapy

Jojoba essential oil or the liquid wax is the product got from extracting seeds of the jojoba tree also known as Simmondsia Chinensis. The plant is found in Mexico, California and Arizona. Jojoba oil or the ho-ho-ba is all solution oil. The oil contains many minerals and major Vitamins. It is applicable to any type of skin. Use Jojoba oil with other oils for better results.
Herein are benefits of Jojoba oil for the skin

Jojoba oil minimizes and manages wrinkles

With Jojoba in your closet, wrinkles are at their minimal. The presence of major Vitamins helps in fighting wrinkles. Not only does the oil reduce wrinkles but also aging effects. To realize this, use Jojoba oil daily.

For skin burns and hot weather reactions, Jojoba oil offers comfort

Apply Jojoba oil to your skin or the areas needing attention to experience its soothing and calming qualities. If you experience blackheads after shaving, worry no more because Jojoba is there for you.

Reduces dryness of lips

For soft and dry lips, apply the oil on your lips. All those cracks on your lips will be no more.

Maintains skin hydration

Jojoba keeps the skin fresh by retaining moisture thereby keeping the skin smooth and healthy. The oil also keeps bacteria at bay especially on face pores.

Jojoba oil the Acne and scar buster

For The never-ending skin health and restoration issues, Jojoba oil stands out. Are you experiencing scary scars, scabs or acne? I have a solution for you; use Jojoba oil, which is rich with minerals and Vitamins.

Jojoba essential oil has outsmarted most essential oils with its all solution qualities. Fight aging, inflammation, acne, wrinkles and other skin disorders by using Jojoba oil. Buy Jojoba oil to experience its wonders.

Orange essential oil is good for your skin

Orange essential oil comes from the outer peel of the orange fruit (citrus sinensis). Another name for orange essential oil is ‘sweet orange oil’. This oil has many benefits, the major one being improving the functioning of the immune system. This oil has a good scent and it is common among beauty care products. Like most citrus fruits, the orange oil has anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, sedative and antiseptic properties. Orange plant has its origin in China.

Benefits of orange essential oil for skin

Good for anti-aging and inflammation

Orange essential oil is good for fighting anti-aging and inflammation. With its anti-inflammatory qualities, your skin inflammation issues are solved. The oil is also good for fighting skin irritations, wrinkles and skin rashes.

Good for hydration and skin toning

Orange oil contains Vitamin C, which is good for the skin. The oil boosts skin immune system by eliminating excessive oils on the skin. It also helps in regulating skin pore activities. You are assured of glamorous, healthy and smooth skin.

Improves circulation of blood in the skin

Orange essential oil boosts blood circulation in the skin cells. This facilitates healthy and rejuvenated skin. The oil also helps in unclogging skin pores.

Fights bacterial infections

With its antibacterial qualities, orange oil treats dermatitis, acne and other skin infections. For cuts and wounds, use Orange essential oil that has both microbial and antiseptic properties and your worries will be no more.

Enjoy the all inclusive skin benefits of Orange essential oil. Have it and experience the wonders on your skin with our skin renewal night face cream, a combination of Frankincense + Orange + Neroli, an ultimate remedy with anti aging properties.

Cedarwood essential oil works wonders

Cedarwood essential oil comes from the cedar wood tree. The oil is extracted from wood pieces of this tree by steam distillation. Cedarwood tree is common in high altitudes and cold climates. Cedarwood essential oil has many medicinal/healing properties and uses to the skin perfection.

The amazing benefits of cedar wood essential oil

Cures fungal infections

Cedarwood essential oil fights fungal infections and keeps your skin at peace. By having this oil for your skin care products you can reap maximum skin benefits. Why worry about daily skin fungal attacks when you have Cedarwood essential oil.

Prevents infection and inflammation

Cedarwood essential oil is great for healing wounds because of its antiseptic properties. It defends the skin against toxins. Applying the oil on the skin lessens irritation and decreases the pain and discomfort.

Cleansing and tonic qualities

Cedarwood essential oil has both cleansing and skin toning properties. This oils is best to keep your skin smooth and moisturized.

Prevents seborrhea

Seborrhea is a disease that affects the skin. The sebaceous glands malfunction and result to increase in sebum production in this disease. The skin becomes colored white or pale yellow and starts peeling off. Cedarwood essential oil will treat this condition.

Cedarwood has astonishing skin therapy and healing qualities, making it a great combination with Jojoba and Tea Tree, our skin perfection serum can make your skin tone even, brighten and removes any signs of acne.

Bergamot essential oil

Bergamot essential oil is the one to choose for pampering and purifying oily, acne-prone skin. The duo of its powerful aromatherapy effects and skin care benefits can transform your mood and your appearance. Bergamot uplifts. It is a great cleanser for both hair and skin, clearing away germs while healing scars and stimulating hair growth. Bergamot’s skin healing, germ killing, acne clearing effects renders it ideal for those whose persistent acne has left their face scarred. Bergamot essential oil helps remove all traces of your skin’s problematic past while adding radiance in the present with the promise of brighter, clearer skin to come. These benefits earn this essential oil the reputation of problem-solver. Bergamot essential oil unclogs pores and balances oil production. Plus, it has an enjoyable citrusy scent that adds pleasure for both the user and all who get to experience their aroma. Make bergamot oil a key part of your beauty transformation.

Geranium essential oil

Geranium essential oil has a pleasingly sweet aroma that makes it sought after in the perfuming industry. The uses of this potent product of the geranium plant go far beyond fragrance, as it offers several benefits to skin. Not only does it smooth and tone the skin but leaves your skin glowing. Geranium is a fix for sagging skin and has astringent properties. It opens up the pores, helping to clear away the troublesome toxins that lead to breakouts. This oil also reduces inflammation, which is a major cause of aging. It is great for hair, enriching it and making it shine. But the amazing aroma is perhaps the best part of using this oil, as it is powerful aromatherapy that relaxes and reduces stress. Geranium essential oil can help you feel and look your best both inside and out. Use it alone or in combination with other natural ingredients for a luxurious beauty routine.