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Black seed oil/ Kalonji oil benefits and applications

Black Seed/ Kalonji oil

Black seed oil (kalonji oil) contains Vitamin A, B and C. It has significant quantity of minerals like potassium, sodium, zinc and calcium. It has proteins and healthy fatty acids.
Black seed oil is known to be a solution for every ailment except death. It has been known as the blessed oil in the history. Black seed oil has two main constituents i.e nigellon and thymoquinone
Nigellon is a potent agent for all kinds of respiratory issues while thymoquinone has anti-inflammatory properties and high concentration of anti-oxidants.

Benefits of Kakonji oil/ Black seed oil

Kalonji oil is full of health benefits; it is a great oil for both mind and body. Here are some of the benefits and applications of Kalonji oil;

Kalonji oil improves toxin removal from the body by enhancing liver function. 
Kalonji oil improves renal function thus keeping the kidneys healthy.
Kalonji oil has anti-inflammatory properties it unclogs skin’s pores, kills the bacteria and heals acne scars. 

Black seed oil is rich in fatty acids , thus it makes skin smooth and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. 
Black seed oil is a fantastic moisturizer, it keeps skin hydrated and moisturized. 
Black seed oil has vitamin A, B and C, which helps in skin brightening and gives youthful glow
It curbs the carbohydrates craving thus helps in weight loss.

Black seed oil heals injured hair follicles and helps in hair growth.
Black seed oil reduces grey hair by promoting the growth of hair pigments.
Black seed oil is rich in proteins; therefore, it helps in strengthening hair and make them grow longer.
Black seed oil clears dandruff and keeps scalp healthy and clean.
Black seed oil is known to give energy boost and improve blood circulation in the body.
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