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Anti-Aging Properties in Ayra’s Cell Renewal Anti-Aging Serum

Ayra Skin Care contains three potent anti-aging essential oils known and famous for its anti-aging properties and sweet aroma in Cell Renewal Anti Aging Face Serum.
Frankincense Oil:
Frankincense oil is obtained from Boswelliasacra tree that grows in Somalia. It is a resin oil. It has a wide range of beneficial effects on health. It is used topically and in aromatherapy.
Anti-aging effects:
Frankincense oil helps in stress relieving. Stress has also been linked with speeding the process of aging.
It has astringent, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. It fights off infection causing bacteria, blemishes, red spots and treats acne.
It has anti-aging properties, which evens out the skin tone, smooths the fine line and wrinkles, improves skin’s elasticity, age spots and tones the saggy skin under the eye and anywhere on the body.
It balances skin’s pH, improves immunity and corrects the hormone imbalance.
Frankincense oil is known to have blood thinning properties, therefore people taking anti-coagulant medication should consult their doctor.
It is advisable to perform a patch test prior to using any essential oil.

YlangYlang essential Oil:

YlangYlang essential Oil is obtained from the flower petals of ylangylang tree. It is grown in Asia, Indonesia and Philippines.
Anti-aging effects:
Ylang ylang oil helps in collagen production and enhances skin’s elasticity.  This smoothes out the wrinkles and fine lines.
It is also rich in anti-oxidants thus relieving the oxidative stress in skin. It helps in skin toning.
It has stress reducing properties when used in aromatherapy, thus combating the early signs of aging.
YlangYlang oil improves blood circulation and gives youthful glow to the skin.


It advisable to do a patch test before using ylang ylang essential oil. 
People on anti-hypertensive medication or those battling with low blood pressure should consult their doctor prior to its use.
Rosemary essential oil:
Rosemary essential oil is obtained from the herbs found in the Mediterranean region.
Anti-aging effects:
Rosemary essential oil contains pinene, camphor and many other potent constituents.
Rosemary oil has anti-microbial properties that help in treating acne and infections.
It promotes cell regeneration, reverses the damaging effects of sunlight and fights effects of aging.
Rosemary essential oil is known to lower cortisol levels thus decreasing the stress related symptoms of aging.
It contains salicylate, which can cause allergic reaction in people sensitive to aspirin.
Individuals with blood clotting disorders and seizures should consult their doctor prior to using Rosemary essential oil.
Ayra Skin Care offers goodness of all these essential oils in one potent pack that meets high standards of quality.
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