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Cold Pressed oil Vs Hot Pressed oil

At Ayra Skin Care our aim is to provide the best quality cold pressed oil to its consumers. We make sure our consumers gets all the nutritious values each ingredient possess and can be used as even edible oils. For this purpose we have our own cold-press extraction unit and carefully gone through all the steps until it reaches our consumer.
The Carrier Oils are extracted by various methods of extraction. The Carrier oils are extracted from the fruits, seeds and nuts of plants. These oils are mostly used for beauty products internationally and with proven results for skin and hair treatments. There are two main techniques utilised for this oil extraction, namely ;
Cold pressed oil
Hot  pressed oil

Cold pressed oils:
It is a process of extracting oil from the seeds, nuts and fruit of a plant via physical pressure without using any heat or chemicals.
The oils produced by cold press method are rich in healthy nutrients, fatty acids and anti-oxidants.
The yield through the cold press method is low, although the quality is high.
The percentage of productivity via cold press technique is 34. 5 to 35.9%
The oil produced by cold pressing method retains the aroma and flavour of the original oil thereby it is sensitive to the sunlight.
The oil is stored in amber coloured glass bottles to prevent the chain reaction causing free radical generation.
Shelf life:
The cold pressed oil is free of any preservatives therefore have short shelf life which range from 6 months to an year and depends how you store them.
Some heat is produced due to the friction in cold pressed method, but the temperatures remain below 60 degrees Celsius. This preserves heat sensitive nutrients like Vitamin E, carotenoids and sterols.
Hot Pressed Oils:
In this procedure, the raw materials are treated with the solvent (hexane) to extract the oil. The raw material is later heated to get rid of the solvent residue from the oil. The oil is then treated to get rid of aroma and colour.
The quality of hot pressed oil is low as it has lesser concentration of healthy nutrients and anti-oxidants. It might contain trans-fat as well due to high temperature.
The yield is high using hot pressed method.
The percentage of productivity is 35.7 – 37.8%
The oil produced by hot pressed method is odourless and clear. Therefore, they can be
stored in any normal container.
Shelf life:
Hot pressed carrier oils have added preservatives, which enhance its shelf life.
The temperature in hot pressed technique is around 100 to 120 degrees Celsius.
Ayra Skin Care beauty products are manufactured by using only the high quality cold pressed oil that are packed with goodness of natural ingredients with preserved nutrition and tested by PCSIR. Go Herbaganic.

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