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All about Carrier oils and their purpose in a Formulation

What are Carrier oils

Carrier oils or base oils are oils that are derived from nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits. These oils have essential fatty acids so they are very promising and their applications are numerous. They can be used in skincare, cosmetics, hair care, aromatherapy, beauty products, massaging, cooking, curing and therapeutic purposes. Oils are used from Centuries for beauty purposes.
Base oils can also be used to dilute the absolute essential oils because essential oils cannot be used in their pure form, because of being very concentrated.  
Selecting base oils in a product is as much significant as selecting essential oils and other active ingredients because all oils have their own distinctive qualities.

Purpose of Carrier Oils:

A carrier oil serves following purposes in a formulation. For
Carrier purposes


Dilution of essential oil with carrier oil does not decrease the strength of the essential oil. It allows slow and steady absorption of essential oils in to deep skin layer preventing any irritation. 
Essential oils are diluted in accordance with their given dilution guide.


Carrier Oils are stable fixed oils while essential oils are highly unstable and volatile. Therefore, mixing a carrier oil with essential oil provides stability to essential oil containing products.

Carrier purposes:

Organic carrier oils carry the essential oil into the deep skin layers thereby producing healthy skin and resolving skin issues. They also carry other ingredients of a formula.

Choice of a Carrier Oil:

The choice of a Carrier oil depends on the purpose of application. Carrier oils vary in their viscosity and other dispensing properties. 
A carrier oil can be used individually or in combination with other carrier oils for any skin’s need.
Commonly used carrier oils are Olive oil, apricot oil, sweet almond oil, walnut oil, fractionated coconut oil, avocado oil, argan oil, grapeseed oil and jojoba oil.

A high quality carrier oil is unrefined and cold-pressed. Carrier oils are extracted from the plant seeds or nuts usually. People with nut allergies must consult an expert prior to their use.

Mineral oil Vs Organic Carrier oils:

Mineral oil is used as a base oil in numerous cosmetics due to its low price and availability. A Mineral oil is a petroleum residue. A popular opinion is that mineral oil is harmful for skin and it clogs skin pores when used.
Organic Carrier Oil not only delivers the essential oils and other active ingredients into the deep skin layers but also benefit the skin owing to their own properties. 

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