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What makes Face Serums different from other moisturizing Creams or Lotions?

What makes Face Serums different from other moisturizing Creams or Lotions?
The ultimate truth is that we all want to look beautiful with flawless skin. So, the question is what makes serum more important than other Moisturizer creams/lotions which are specifically formulated to hydrate the skin. Although, moisturizers mostly contain ingredients (combination of water and oils with some chemicals) to target specific issues like aging, pigmentation or acne, but their main role is to give hydration to your skin and keep it there.
Whereas, serums are formulated to go further into deeper layers of your skin and repair the damaged skin at cellular level. Serums are more concentrated so their level of nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins are higher comparatively and hence more beneficial for your skin radiance, smoothness and brightness.
Let’s understand more differences between both in broader aspect.
Moisturizers, such as creams/lotions, are formulated with combination of water, oil, emulsifiers and preservatives and they mostly include petrolatum, mineral oils and some thickeners as well. Considering all this, we should know that when we talk organic, things such as emulsifiers and preservatives should be used following standards such as COSMOS standards, which companies hardly follow. Serums do not include thickening agents, petroleum ingredients or most of the time preservatives. They are made up of carrier oils, Essential oils and active ingredients such as vitamins and Minerals like zinc etc.
The very first thing that comes into mind is that how would oils work on an oily skin? Well, not all oils are the same and if chosen and formulated properly, combined, they reduce the excessive oil of your skin and penetrate deeper into your skin.
Now, as we know the basic difference between Moisturizers and Serums and how both work on skin, let’s discuss some of the major benefits of Serums and why the biggest brands like Olay, Ponds jumped into making such serums.

  1. Serums are pure and rich in active ingredients.
  2. Some oils like rosehip, avocado, walnut etc are considered to be the best with anti-aging elements hence they reduce wrinkles and give your skin more firmness and improved texture.
  3. Serums penetrate deeper into your skin and improve cell’s growth. Some active oils like Rosemary, Bergamot, Lemon 🍋, Orange🍊 are great for skin cleansing and removing dark spots.
  4. They help you achieve deeper Skin’s Hydration with 🍇Grapeseed and Apricot oils, keeping your skin smoother.
  5. You can have radiant skin with no acne or spots. Let’s not forget Tea tree and Bergamot, known for their healing properties.

I think, we shouldn’t be having any doubts that why serums are winning over creams or lotions today. At Ayra Skin Care, we want to bring a change in everyone’s life by providing the best quality and certified organic skincare products. By minimizing the side effects and trusting the right organic skincare solutions, you are actually investing on having a healthy skin and appearance. By regular use of serums, you can definitely beat any skin issues and achieve a glowing skin.

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