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Face Serum vs. Cream: Why the Serums are Winning

Many want to know whether they should apply their serum or cream first, but the real question is whether you need both at all. It’s true that most face care routines have several steps, but leaving off some steps could improve your skin. In the battle of serum vs. cream it turns out that serum is always the winner. In this case, it does not matter what type of serum. Those moisturizing and anti-aging night creams are at a disadvantage by their very design.
Of course, the better serum you use the better results you get. That’s why we at Ayra go the distance in making sure our Brightening Youth Serum and Cell Renewal Anti-Aging Serum are among the finest around. That’s also why we want you to know why you can safely ditch the creams, saving yourself time and expense, and stick with using just a serum for results that are far more impressive.

What’s So Bad About Face Creams?

One of the major differences between face serums vs creams is that creams contain additional oils in order to retain their higher water content. These aren’t the good kind of oils. They’re not the all-natural, organic or essential oils that benefit skin. No, they are petroleum jelly, mineral oil, and the like. They also contain a hefty amount of thickening agents for maintaining their creamy texture. These additions are used for keeping the cream a cream instead of being any benefit to your skin. In fact, they can wreak havoc on your skin, causing breakouts, undermining clarity, and leaving your skin less vibrant. Plus, since the creams are slower to absorb, they delay and dilute the benefits.

Why Serums Win

Think of serums as all of the good stuff in face creams without the bad. In fact, the best ones are those that are made with only all-natural ingredients. They are therefore more concentrated, more potent, and bring you more benefits faster.  
Although some may remain convinced that they need to use both, knowing the outcome of face serum vs. cream should make it easier for you to shift focus. If you want a top quality serum that can help you not miss those heavy creams, give Ayra Skincare’s serums a try. All our products are made using 100 percent natural ingredients and botanicals. This way, you can know for sure that your skin is getting all the benefit you want it to have.

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