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Quick Tips for Buying Organic Beauty Products

Buying organic beauty products should be a straightforward matter. Your confidence in the product should be well justified. The term ‘organic’ has become a big focus for many in the health and beauty industry. While there are several great, trustworthy brands on the market, there are also those who make purity claims just to attract attention and sales – and they know how to get away with it. It is up to you as the buyer to know exactly what you are purchasing. Here are a few tips that can make your job easier:

Understand the Claims

There is a big difference between ‘natural’ and ‘organic’. There is also a difference between organic beauty products that are made with organic ingredients and those that are 100 percent organic. If a product is simply made using organic ingredients, that does not guarantee that everything in it is free from harmful pesticides and other toxins. It simply means that at least one of the substances in it is organic. The rest of the formula could be made  from chemicals and other non-organic substances. If an ingredient is natural, it means it comes from nature and has been put to minimal processing if any, That natural ingredient could have been grown using pesticides and thus cannot be called organic.

Check the Label

While product labels don’t always reveal every secret, they can tell you a lot about a product. There are certain things beauty product manufacturers are required to disclose. This is for your protection, so it’s a great tool to make use of. Read the labels the organic beauty products you want to buy and watch out for the names of any substances you don’t recognize. It an ingredient is organic, it should say so right on the ingredients list.

Look for Standards

Here at Ayra our products are upto the COSMOS standards and are tested by PCSIR Laboratories. When you’re looking to buy organic beauty products, looking for seals of trust like organic certifications can go a long way in ensuring that you get the purity and quality you expect.
The decision to ditch the chemicals and go organic for your beauty needs is only one step in reaping all the benefits you’re after. The next step is to be sure to buy only products that meet your newfound standards. We at Ayra Skin Care aim to be the ones to satisfy that requirement by offering only products made with ingredients that meet our high standards and yours.

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